Coffee shop branding which is located on Sheerness Hight Street. Here I have made the branding minimalist by keeping the text all aligned to the right, this makes the sign stand out as the signs on the high street are all in the centred which I didn't want to follow suit. This made the sign more unique to the others and that the type choice is close to what you find printed on a coffee bag. 
The menu design was to keep the aligned right text so the connection with the outside sign in carried into the interior. The menu is printed on three different types of paper from Ellie poo website which specialises in a natural and environmentally friendly paper out of animal waste, grass cuttings and waste food peelings. You can see the close ups of the paper below.
Below is the loyalty card design which has the same grey to the outside of the shop.
The gift card is the same design as the loyalty card but is bigger in size.
This is the afternoon tea menu which is printed on a confetti paper which suits the purpose of the menu as a special event to the normal menu.
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